The Magic of Carnival

The ROGUE Band

ROGUE Carnival was born out of the desire for a NEW experience in Trinidad & Tobago mas.

An experience that goes against the grain.

One that doesn’t follow the norm.

A Carnival Monday and Tuesday that is, as the band’s name suggests – ROGUE.

The Creation

The Army crafted the concept.
What was missing was the execution.

To make this alternative in mas a reality, we turned to our mas specialist comrades, TRIBE.

The Combination

ROGUE is the product of two professional powerhouses – one in the field of creative event production, and the other in mas production and management.

Caesar’s Army, renowned for events like A.M.BUSH, Mai Tai, Bacchanal Road and TRIBE, Carnival and Mas production gurus, join forces to provide the reveler with an unforgettably unique experience.

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