The Magic of Carnival


TRIBE – The Ultimate Carnival Experience for the Greatest Show on Earth.

At TRIBE, we pride ourselves on providing the Ultimate Carnival Experience in Trinidad and Tobago Carnival – one of the largest and most popular Carnivals in the world, and commonly referred to as “the greatest show on Earth”.

From our humble beginnings in 2004, TRIBE’S mission has been to deliver the quintessential masquerader experience every year by matching the greatest show with the greatest service. In our inaugural year alone, we established a new standard of industry service by becoming the first all-inclusive Carnival band in Trinidad and Tobago. Since then we’ve grown from strength to strength each year, by consistently improving our already unparalleled service to always meet (but typically exceed) your increasing demands and expectations.

Over 15 years later, TRIBE has completely revolutionized the Carnival landscape, quickly becoming the largest Carnival band in Trinidad and Tobago and surpassing others that came long before it. In spite of such rapid growth, TRIBE never compromises quality over quantity, and we continue to perfect our product by keeping the masquerader at the fore and core of our operations. This unwavering consumer-driven mantra allows TRIBE to boast a consistent ‘sold out’ track record every year since our inception.

A true industry pioneer, TRIBE always delivers from our band launch to our Las’ Lap, and we have you covered from registration to the road. Now approaching our 16th year and showing no signs of slowing down, we’re well on our way to one day earning the title of “the greatest band on Earth”, if we haven’t already.

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